Korkmaz A862-03 Kahvekolik Aqua Azura/Chrome Coffee Machine

Manufacturer: Korkmaz
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700W efficient energy consumption Automatic coffee brewing and auto shut-off when ready Automatic shut-off system when water is depleted Thermo balance technology Overflow prevention sensor Adjustable size for up to 4 cups 1.2-liter transparent water tank Fast or traditional coffee brewing options Automatic 1, 2, 3, and 4-cup coffee brewing feature Custom design allows you to make coffee according to the number of people, and it automatically shuts off with three signals when your coffee is ready. Fast and traditional brewing options allow you to make coffee at your preferred speed and consistency. Protection against dry operation; when the water in the transparent tank runs out, it activates protection against dry operation and gives a warning. Blue Transparent Water Tank Illumination: Decorative blue lighting inside the transparent water tank allows you to see the water level even in dark environments. Overflow Prevention Sensor: Even if you choose a different cup size, the overflow prevention sensor prevents your coffee from overflowing. Kahvekolik creates delicious Turkish coffee with its Thermo Balance Technology. "The most crucial secret of a delicious Turkish coffee is brewing it on low heat." Coffee that boils quickly on high heat does not extract its essence properly, and as a result, the delightful aroma of Turkish coffee remains trapped inside the coffee grounds. Kahvekolik, designed with Thermo Balance Technology, works at a lower heat, preserving the aroma of coffee beans and creating delightful coffee with the essence intact. Steel is Healthy: Another important feature of Kahvekolik is that it is a coffee maker with a steel cezve (pot). Steel cezve is the healthiest material used in the kitchen, and it ensures that the coffee brewed in it does not come into contact with any plastic or aluminum materials.

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