Hacı Bekir Gummy Almond Paste, 320g

Manufacturer: Hacı Bekir
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Gummy almond paste offers a unique twist by combining the rich essence of Almond kernels (26%) with a gummy consistency. This innovative blend results in a delightful chewiness that distinguishes it from traditional almond pastes.

Through the infusion of sugar, the gummy almond paste achieves a harmonious blend of sweetness and nuttiness. The sugar enhances the overall flavor profile while complementing the natural richness of almonds.

With the addition of Mastic Gum (0.1%), the paste gains a subtle and distinctive flavor note.

The presence of an acidity regulator (Cream of Tartar E336) not only helps in maintaining texture but also ensures a consistent and malleable gummy consistency.

It is a standalone treat, offering a novel experience to almond enthusiasts seeking innovative flavors and textures.

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