Coolist CL26B 26 Liter Foldable Thermos Cloth Bag / Freezer

Manufacturer: Coolist
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Coolist CL26B 26 Liter Foldable Thermos Cloth & Ccedil; Anta /Buzluke

26 liters wide i & ccedil; Thanks to its volume, it can be easily placed easily frozen / heated.

Thanks to its special insulated material, frozen or heated food allows you to carry your workplace and keep it up for long up to 12 hours.

Heated food and protects your work from the outdoor temperature / coldness, long -term; It allows you to maintain the heat value.

It is designed for hours/cold/hot/fresh for hours/cold/hot/fresh.

It is extra thick and soft i & ccedil to its competitors; The coating provides protection against leaks thanks to the EVA liner and is easy to clean,

Solid and durable & ouml; Coating Eva Primer, such as the minium -coated primer, does not make and deteriorate, does not harm your foods

It allows you to keep your frozen or cooled foods, i & ccedilin and your ccedil by using ice cassettes or ice gel, and

Mobile usage in all interruptions by using ice cassettes or ice gel, with the impossibility of mobile use, picnic, beach, hunting, natural sports, such as all activities such as all activities, such as carrying your foods with you,

In intercity journeys, it is possible to keep your frozen foods intact.

Food and work should be cooled/freezing from the first, you can keep the cold and ice cassettes with food and food cassettes, you can keep the cold,

Thermos will be placed in the cloth and the coating of the consumption of the consumption with ice gel or ice cassettes will improve the cold holding performance,

Keeping your thermos cloth in the g & ouml; lge and series will extend the cooling of the cooling,

Not to leave the zipper of your thermos cloth and an antanis, the cover will increase the cold holding performance frequently,

The design with zippered design provides a wide -mouth -sizedness of easy -to -face and unloading.

It provides long heat insulation thanks to the wide velcro band designed for the cover zipper of the insulation to provide insulation.

Thanks to the compact design, it is used on a seat between the seats and a luggage between the seats, and it is used on the ground,

Easily adhere to the luggage floor thanks to the wide velcro bands at the base.

Thanks to the mesh pockets on both sides; Your snacks, pe & ccedil; your meat, water bottles, kitchenware, switches, cards, charger, or other k & uuml;

Comfortable use with handles that do not hurt their hands,

It does not take up space with foldable compact design, storage in narrow areas such as your baggage.

Special design fabric is resistant to dirt or abrasion.

They are: 22 x 35 x 23 cm

Closed & Ouml;

Turquoise blue color

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